Integrity Healthcare Professionals, LLC


At Integrity Healthcare Professionals, LLC we strive to  provide staffing solutions for rural emergency rooms, clinics and hospitals. Our staff consists of highly motivated, experienced medical providers that practice with compassion and integrity. We believe this level of service should be extended to every patient, every time.

It all started when...


It all started when...

Dr. O'Donnell and Eric Flores, PA noticed a demand for highly qualified healthcare providers in rural and semi-rural communities in Kansas. The pair wanted to provide excellent emergency room care with healthcare providers that practice evidence-based medicine so communities are afforded the same health care as they would get in a larger city or facility. They did not just want to provide hospital staffing, but to put the care back in healthcare. They sought out top professionals they had either worked with or trained in Emergency Medicine in order to give their clients, providers that practice evidence-based medicine with an art of caring. Dr. O'Donnell and Flores have solidified their staff and have been servicing hospitals in south west, south central and south eastern Kansas for several years.


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